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Are you one of the Harry Potter readers who believes that J. K. Rowling erred when she choose to have Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley fall in love? Or perhaps you’d instead thought she was in love with Harry Potter?

Only the author, who created this relationship out of curiosity, can be “blamed” for this misguided infatuation. “Shall we proceed and see what happens?” We couldn’t be more at odds.

We will outline all the justifications for why none of this should have had to occur.

Ronald Weasley: Who is he?

Harry Potter’s closest buddy, Ronald “Ron” Weasley, is a pure-blooded wizard. His mother, Molly Weasley, is the matriarch of the Weasley family and is renowned for her maternal protection. At the same time, his father, Arthur, works for the Ministry of Magic and is a member of the Order of the Phoenix. Ron is a typical student with a strong imagination and is always up for an adventure.

Who Does Harry Potter Marry & Why It Should’ve Been Hermione?

He occasionally struggled with insecurities that prevented him from being honest about what was bothering him, yet he was still devoted to Harry and Hermione.

His dream to be the Gryffindor perfect and to succeed as a Keeper for the Gryffindor Quidditch team (“Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone”) came true, though. His hopes and worries were reflected in this aspiration.

He aspired to achieve, wanted to be known, and feared living in someone else’s shadow. But Ron didn’t require all that notoriety to be a popular character. Even without his other achievements, he exhibits admirable friendship.

He is unquestionably loyal to his friends yet struggles with love connections. And we have proof of it.

An awkward love story between Ron and Hermione

We all know how the Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley narrative ends, whether we’ve seen the movies or read the novels from the Harry Potter series. The entire cosmos is aware of it.

Ron treated Hermione in an utterly cruel manner right from the start. We have seen countless instances where he even succeeded in making her cry. Sounds familiar: “It’s LeviOsa, not LevioSAR.”

Ron makes fun of Hermione’s appearance, intelligence, knowledge, and love of learning while accusing her of lying about having a date for a Christmas ball to demonstrate that she is worthless unless she desires someone.

After learning that his rival is none other than the well-known Viktor Krum, Ron decides to avoid Hermione for days. In truth, he dates Lavender Brown out of spite to make Hermione envious. Considerably archaic. Well, maybe not if you consider him a cute little “Won Won” (as Lavender used to call him).

Who could forget when Romilda Vane tried to woo Harry by presenting him with an enchanted chocolate box? Ron only to sample “a few” before becoming fixated on Romilda.

After realizing those girls will be the last of him due to other situations, Ron nearly passes away.

But let’s return to his flirtatious behavior with Hermione. The way Ron acts is a total cliché: “I make fun of you because I like you!” Sorry, no thanks.

Hermione is a strong female character that has confidence in herself. She is intelligent and wise in the world. Is a relationship with someone her exact opposite really what she needs? Should she always be on her guard and make concessions to give her sweetheart a sense of security? Someone may like this. But is this a good partnership?

We know that couples fight in literature and film, as well as in real life. But in this instance, Ron deliberately denigrates others to elevate himself in society. Ron, I’m sorry, but this is not how you treat someone you care about.

In an interview, Ron Weasley’s actor, Rupert Grint, admitted that he always believed Ron and Hermione would end up divorcing. What may have occurred if J. K. Rawling had taken his advice?

Why does Hermione kiss Harry?

It should be noted that the famous kissing scene was not included in the books. Instead, the concept for a kiss and a dance scene between Harry and Hermione in “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One” came from the scriptwriter Steve Kloves.

When Ron left, Harry and Hermione were far apart in the book, though there were other times when they were very close. But only that.

Many people dislike the dancing scene because it suggests that Harry and Hermione have unspoken affection for one another, even if it isn’t in the novel.

Should Hermione have married Harry in the end?

Although Ron is undeniably a lovely man and Hermione is undoubtedly his best friend, many people are troubled by their romance. Like it had no place in the overall narrative.

On the other hand, there were times when it was clear that Hermione and Harry were not just friendly with one another:

There’s no doubt that you recall the scene where Harry led Hermione to his parent’s grave. Hermione uses magic to produce a floral wreath to adorn the tomb as she wishes Harry a happy holiday.

Are you also familiar with Harry’s admiring look as Hermione walks down the stairs at the Yule Ball following the Triwizard Tournament? Hermione frequently landed in Harry’s arms as opposed to Ron’s in the moments we saw. Well, the only thing Ron could do was shake her hand.

Finally, the previously stated dancing sequence from “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One.”

These were all very emotional scenes, but we can’t say the same things about Ron and Hermione. Thus, the author’s choice to bring them together was a real “kick in the eye” that was both entirely unexpected and discouraging.

Even J. K. Rowling acknowledged Hermione and Ron lacked credibility as a pair. She remarked in an interview with the Sunday Times:

“I used the Hermione/Ron romance to fulfill my fantasies. That is how it was envisioned. However, Hermione ended up with Ron for reasons that have little to do with literature and much more with my adhering to the plot as I first imagined it.

She continued by saying that while she could sense the rage and dissatisfaction of the series’ viewers, it seemed like the right course of action at the time.

This could be seen as Ms. Rowling’s way of apologizing, but for many people who think otherwise, it is insufficient.

4 Responses

  1. I loved the ending, the way the weasleys adopted Harry into the family was great,to people who dont have that kind of family it’s in itself a fairytale. For Harry to then marry Ginny made him a legitimate part of the family make it even better, also Harry is a bit too smart for Hermione, but Ron is just right lol

  2. Personally, I could take or leave the Ron/Hermione argument. My point as to why the book ended up correctly focuses more on Harry/Ginny and Harry/Hermione friendship. First and foremost I LOVE that finally there’s a platonic friendship front and center in a book series that doesn’t end in romance with Harry/Hermione. They were best friends, they weren’t romantically interested, and that’s ok. Second I think the Harry/Ginny relationship is played out SO well in the books. You have to disregard the movies if you’re looking for canon so I won’t even talk about that. But when you look at how well Ginny complements Harry and how she’s strong enough to not be overpowered by the “chosen one” but also still very supportive it’s amazing. Her personality fits a lot better with his and she seems to get him when even Hermione doesn’t (case and point Half Blood Prince book). She also represents the completion of Harry being part of the Weasley family which is amazing. So Ron and Hermione I guess I could take or leave but Hermione should NOT end up with Harry.

  3. I couldn’t disagree more. Ron and Hermione is the love story we expect since book 4. It’s so obvious that when they finally kiss it’s a sense of relief. Plus, Harry and Hermione never gave any sort of tension, electricity that exudate from Hermione-Ron relationship. Harry and her was friends ; much more, they had a brother-sister link. And for the “Hermione frequently landed in Harry’s arms as opposed to Ron’s” well in the book, especially book 7, Hermione was in a waaaay more physical connection with Ron than with Harry.
    Of course Ron is a much more immature person regarding relationships. He need more time to acknowledge what he feels, but at the end, he had grown up so much, that he became the man Hermione deserved. A devoted, self-conscious and madly in love man. And for Hermione, who’s so smart, brillant, strong, Ron it’s the best thing she could experience : an opposite, so different from her, an unique and huge thing she can’t control in her life. She loves him, she doesn’t know why, but maybe it’s the only time in her life that she can let go and just feel, without controlling why. Really, Harry and Hermione should’ve done a quiet well balanced couple, but without any deep feelings, without any tension or surprise, to summarize, a boring couple.

  4. Completely biased opinion.
    The way Ron acted although mean is what kids do…if you’ve been around young adolescents you’ll know what I mean.
    He didn’t always have romantic feelings for her neither did Harry,Harry never thought of Hermione like that.
    You should also note that Harry was sometimes rude to Hermione too.
    Everyone has their opinions but if you’ll focus on one view point expect counter arguments.

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