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Many of the Hogwarts teachers are overshadowed by people like McGonagall and Dumbledore. These are the top underappreciated academics.

Fans get to witness many of the classes that witches and wizards can take at Hogwarts throughout the Harry Potter books and films. Harry, Ron, Hermione, and their pals attend multiple courses taught by various teachers. Others, such as the long line of Defense Against the Dark Arts instructors, were hired since the school could only manage to keep a professor for a year. Some professors attended Hogwarts when they were young and returned to teach because they liked it so much.

Each teacher brought something unique to the school; some had likable, amiable personalities, while others exhibited more destructive behaviors and attitudes. Some of Hogwarts’ professors were undoubtedly eviler than others, from the charming Professor Sprout of herbology to the divisive Severus Snape, the Potions teacher.

This article will look at the Top 10 List of Lesser-Known Hogwarts Teachers.

Madame Hooch

Madame Hooch is a total jerk. In addition to instructing pupils on how to fly a broom, the quidditch coach officiates every game at Hogwarts. Madame Hooch, described as having spikey silver hair and cat-like eyes, exudes mystery.

One of her lesser-known characteristics is that Madame Hooch served in World War I and had her broom sideswiped by a Muggle anti-aircraft weapon. So, in addition to teaching aviation at Hogwarts for years, this woman also participated in one of the most significant conflicts in human history while flying. Yet, she is an underappreciated force.

Charity Burbage

Charity Burbage was a hero at Hogwarts School who went unnoticed. Voldemort and his followers tragically kidnapped and killed the Muggle Studies teacher. Most wizarding students probably didn’t need to study this subject. They had access to so much more in their wizarding realm; why would they need to learn about the muggle world?

But Charity Burbage wrote her piece to foster understanding and bridge-building in mind. This teacher advocated for coexistence rather than segregation from the muggle world. Those initiatives and their spirit merit praise.

Professor Flitwick

Flitwick serves primarily as comic relief, which is appropriate. In many movies, he exudes a delightful energy that provides the ideal balance of comedic intensity. He teaches the school chorus and charms and is also an enthusiastic educator.

He threatened his life to protect Hogwarts University, just like many of his professor colleagues. His adept use of charms proved helpful when casting spells to defend the fortress and guarding the sorcerer’s stone.

Professor Sprout

As much as Neville’s interest in herbology was disregarded was Professor Sprout’s. Who gives a damn about plants? Without her devotion, many of the Hogwarts pupils who were petrified by the Basilisk’s hands (or lack thereof) would still be frozen.

She is an expert in her area and can hold her own in combat. She continued to be a strong ally throughout the Hogwarts battle and to teach after it was over. Those shrieking mandrakes were useful.

Horace Slughorn

Slughorn was a latecomer to the tale, appearing in only the final two books and three films. But his influence was felt right away. He may have appeared arrogant, gathering only the top Hogwarts students, but he was devoted to his school and pupils and did his duty to them.

The best example of this may be found in the books, not in a scene from the movies. He defended his house’s honor during the Battle of Hogwarts by saying that Slytherins had just as much of a home there as any other house. He then fearlessly stood with his fellow instructors and pupils to defend the institution.

Sybill Trelawney

Despite having a phony and slightly crazy appearance, Trelawney was a devoted professor at Hogwarts who made a few accurate predictions. But, according to Dumbledore, the forecasts about Harry and Voldemort’s future were some of the only ones she ever correctly predicted.

Numerous Hogwarts students also adored her. Although the primary trio may not have agreed with her teaching strategies, pupils like Lavender Brown and Pavarti Patil were devoted to her classes and eager to learn.

Professor Binns

According to the literature, Professor Binns, the history of magic teacher, is one of the most monotonous professors ever. However, this zombie instructor passed out during a session, woke up a ghost, and continued instructing.

While he might not be the most engaging instructor or aware of the potential psychological repercussions that a student passing away in his class could have, at least he is committed. Few teachers who passed away would keep on instructing their students.

Madam Pomfrey

Despite not being a professor in the traditional sense, Madam Pomfrey is an essential member of the Hogwarts staff. Pomfrey has committed to ensuring the health and safety of the Hogwarts students in her role as head nurse. The three others are frequently in trouble at school, which has led to petrification, missing bones, poisoning, and other problems. So who better than Madame Pomfrey is on hand to pick up the pieces? She is an essential component of the Hogwarts staff and a talented healer.


Although it wasn’t shown to us in the movies, the centaur from The Sorcerer’s Stone briefly changed into a teacher. Firenze generously filled in for Professor Sybil Trewalney when Dolores Umbridge fired her to impart his prophecy-related knowledge.

His colony banished him as a result of helping humanity. However, he gave up his heritage to instruct the young pupils at Hogwarts. Additionally, he performed a fantastic job. Even though his position was only transitory, his influence should have received more notice.

Jr. Barty Crouch

The impostor, Professor Moody, may have been too convincing because he was able to teach the Defense Against the Dark Arts students some valuable lessons. Although it appeared like Crouch spent more time teaching the evil arts than self-defense, the lessons that Hogwarts students learned from him would be instrumental when Unforgivable Curses became popular. Barty Crouch Jr.’s wickedness was seductive and deadly. Still, it wasn’t Umbridge’s institutional evil or Lockheart’s deceived stupidity – and he could outperform them both as a teacher.

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