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Are you a Harry Potter fan who enjoys reading blogs, facts, stories, and other materials related to Harry Porter to brighten you up? Then you must be familiar with us, TheDailyHarryPotter.

Finding a fabulous platform that makes you genuinely smile can be complex. Fortunately, “The Daily Harry Potter” is made for you to assist you in feeling fantastic by sparking creativity. The Daily Harry Potter, which was established in 2011, has developed into the ideal hub for Harry Potter fans. 

Thanks to Louis Bird and Lee McAteer’s collaboration, our persistent efforts have been successful. Because of our combined efforts and your cordial love, we have achieved a milestone of 200k followers on Twitter. 

From starting TheDailyHarryPotter, we have a goal of thousands of followers who love to be Harry Potterens, and we did it upon reaching 200k Twitter Followers. This dream come to reality due to our hard work and, yes, because of the support from our fans, YOU. 

Our team of professionals is always striving to share significant updates with you in a lighthearted way. By breaking the rules of making cold-blooded content, we carefully select embellishing Harry Potter pieces so you won’t become bored and can be entertained immediately. We look forward to welcoming warmly all to the Harry Potter community.

We are only here for fun and have no connection to Warner Bros. For fans, The Daily Harry Potter is run by fans. We are here to convey the message of “love, not war,” and thus far, our work has been successful.

Recently, we have launched our beloved website, TheDailyHarryPotter to curate top-notch content for the Harry Potter fans, like you. Some of our famous blogs, which turned out to be a successor in our journey, are

  • Why Did Hermione Marry Ron Instead Of Harry?
  • Top 10 list of Lesser-Known Hogwarts Teachers
  • Your Guide to Harry Potter-Themed Jewellery
  • The impact of J.K. Rowling’s personal life on Harry Potter
  • How The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter And Fantastic Beasts Are Connected
  • Why Harry Potter Music Is So Popular: The Magic Behind The Scenes

We always notify our beloved fans of the essential dates of the events of the Harry porter series on our Twitter. Other than that, we constantly engage our fans in the debates. We always want our fans entertained by our posts, blogs, and memes.

We are thrilled by the number of followers we reached today, and it happened because of you guys: our faithful fans, our true heroes. We also promise on this special day to our fans that we will continue to make efforts to make our Harry Porter fans and community together always and forever! 


Your co-owners Louis and Lee

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