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The Harry Potter series is far more than just children’s novels; it is one of the greatest stories of all time and is known for captivating our imaginations. Sure, they introduced us to the realm of witches and wizards, but they also taught us valuable lessons about friendship, loyalty, and love that even the most well-read gentlemen can accept.

Don’t worry; you don’t have to go to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry or even set foot inside its gates to apply these principles. Here are just a few.

1. Friendships are essential.

Their bond overcame every difficulty Harry and his closest friends Ron and Hermione encountered—including fending off an army of giant chess pieces. Harry’s pals consistently rescue his life because they strongly protect and trust one another.

2. You shouldn’t evaluate a book by its cover.

It is crucial to resist the desire to judge a book by its cover in a world where magic may cover up even the most powerful evil. Harry spent years detesting several moody academics before learning, a bit too late, that they were some of his most devoted guardians.

3. Support the underdog.

Harry lives in a world with many power conflicts, intolerance, and covert bigotries. Harry is the first to defend creatures and wizards that others think are simple pickings, refusing to back down. And you never know when the little guy might stand up for you, just like Dobby the House Elf did.

4. Always be faithful.

Despite others’ best efforts to skew his judgment, Harry always remembers where his devotion belongs when times are rough. He is keenly aware of his supporters and friends, rarely deviates from his course, and is well rewarded by those who reciprocate his allegiance.

5. Love triumphs over all.

Love is one of the most powerful feelings a person may experience and one of the greatest defenders, particularly in Harry Potter. As the books demonstrate, trying to stand between a mother and child in love is a mistake.

6. The decisions we make will determine our future.

Getting sucked into discourse about fate and how our fates are predetermined from birth is simple. Just look at Harry, who has been compared to Voldemort and at times seemed destined to follow in his terrible footsteps. Harry, though, makes the intentional decision to veer off that dangerous path, choosing right despite what the cards may indicate.

7. Your arrogance will be your undoing.

Every gentleman should occasionally feel proud of himself, but excessive pride can ultimately bring you down. The Malfoy family, a group of wealthy, silver-haired snobs who believe their type of wizard is the greatest and brightest, is an example of this. This gives them immense power for a while, but by the end of the series, they have few friends and even fewer allies.

8. Avoid taking the simple path.

Even the most muscular gentlemen all too frequently choose the simple path instead of one they believe to be too challenging, unaware of what precisely they are giving up. To let Voldemort rule the world would be so much simpler. But if it were easy, would Harry ever do that? Zero chance.

9. More than Power alone is required.

In stark contrast to the first of our life lessons from Harry Potter, power isn’t everything. Even the most powerful magician can be defeated by cunning, intellect, intelligence, and a group of ferocious allies. Just have the guts to give it a shot.

10. Intelligence is equally vital to physical prowess.

Harry often makes up for his lack of intelligence with humor and muscle, as he doesn’t always give his studies the most attention. But Hermione, Girl Genius, comes into play since some things can’t replace intelligence. She can cast any magic and solve any challenge, making her one of the essential members of Harry’s invincible gang.

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