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Harry Potter is a stunning series to inspire and entertains millions of people. After some time, the Harry Potter Series appears and attracts the attention of the audience immensely. However, a question may be tinkling in your mind is, what you can do aside from watching exciting Harry Potter plays? Read the series is the only logical response!

Thumbs up for the Back to Hogwarts day: 1st September

On this day, a Hogwarts student can do exquisite activities with some accessories. From the thrilling experience of Hogwarts Express to the intriguing reading of Harry Potter studies, every minute of Back to Hogwarts day will be amazing. Wondering how you can celebrate your Back to Hogwarts day? Wonder no more, The Daily Harry Potter has compiled some important this not to forget!

Let’s jump into it.

Hogwarts Express Ticket

First of all, Hogwarts Express Ticket is at the top of the list of Back of the Hogwarts essentials. The celebration of Hogwarts schools begins with a trip on the Hogwarts Express. You’ll be provided with a ticket from platform 9 ¾.

Sickle for Trolley Snacks

An adventure on the Hogwarts Express without Trolley snacks makes the entire voyage useless. For buying trolley snacks, keep some sickles, including Silver and Bronze, with you. Then, enjoy your travel with Pumpkin Pasties, Chocolate Frogs, Cauldron cakes, Droobles Best Blowing Gum, etc. The choice is endless.

School Supplies

Before reaching the destination, you need to acquire all the important school supplies, such as glass or crystal phials, cauldron, ink, quills, parchment, and school books. You can buy them from Diagon Alley. Further, it is advised you that pack each school supply carefully to keep them safe. Hopefully by now you are all set.

Hogwarts School Uniform

On Back to Hogwarts day, the most monumental element, which you can’t forget is the school uniform of Hogwarts. For this purpose, you have to collect four things — three sets of plain work robes, one plain pointed hat in black color, one pair of protective gloves, and one winter cloak having black and silver fastenings.

A Wand

No doubt, a wand is a mandatory tool for the Return of Hogwarts day. It is not a good practice to borrow a wand from someone else. Therefore, purchase a wand from Ollivanders to embark on the true spirit of Harry Potter on Back to Hogwarts day.

Choice of Pets

Bringing a groovy pet is also a valuable ritual for a Hogwarts student. As a Harry Potter fan, you know about the prominent pets, Harry’s Owl (Hedwig), Hermione’s cat (Crookshanks), and Neville’s toad (Trevor) in Hogwarts School.

Like these pets, you are free to get your own owl, cat, or toad. This feathered friend will bring a new layer of excitement on this Hogwarts Return Day.

Key Takeaways

Having the above-mentioned physical objects for Back to Hogwarts celebrations is not enough. You also have to be ready to encounter every hurdle, alongside doing a lot of fun classes and activities at Hogwarts.

So keep your mind open, heart full of generosity, and soul filled with courage to make your Back to Hogwarts day a memorable time.

Enjoy heading back to Hogwarts!

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