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Suppose you and your friends have just returned after an incredible night of butterbeer drinking and snogging. Which is that? Was it simply a horrible dream? Even the bit where you claimed to have won the House Cup? Sigh. You have frequently wished to leave your muggle life behind. However, you have to occasionally let your mind wander to Hogwarts ever since the final Harry Potter film was released in 2011. 

Although the world’s most prestigious wizarding school is alluring, you want to enroll because Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, and Harry Potter are the best friends anyone could wish to have. Here are the top reasons Harry, Ron, and Hermione are best friends, as well as some extraordinary friendship moments between them, even though you can only join them in your daydreams.

They are Faithful to One Another

Despite their disagreements and missteps, they always unite and support one another. Together, they overcome various challenges. For example, Ron and Hermione decide to assist Harry in finding the Horcruxes and taking down Voldemort without even thinking twice.

They Complement One Another

Certainly, this is the situation after Sorcerer’s Stone. Thanks to Harry’s bravery, Hermione’s cunning, and Ron’s chess prowess, the stone was recovered. However, to complete their objective, all three of them were required.

They Stand in for One Another

The encounter with the troll catalyzed a lasting friendship. This adversary changed the dynamics and brought them together to face a challenge. The troll brought them together and was the first of many dangerous encounters they triumphed over as a group. Hermione, the teacher’s pet, protected the boys, keeping them out of trouble.

They help One Another

Harry and Ron back Hermione’s SPEW campaign despite their opposition. Hermione often cheers Harry and Ron throughout their Quidditch games.

They are Honest with One Another

They aren’t scared, to be honest with one another. Hermione and Ron were open with Harry while he was acting rudely and snappishly in Order of the Phoenix.

Some Memorable Friendship Moments between these Golden Trio

Hermione and Ron Support Harry

Real friends can support you in any situation, even when the rest of the world rejects you. But, unfortunately, everyone at Hogwarts and in the magical world appeared to have joined the view that Harry Potter was a liar in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

No one wanted to believe Harry as he attempted to convince them that Lord Voldemort had returned. Fortunately, Harry had Ron and Hermione to defend him, and they took him at his word regarding the dark lord’s impending return. Regardless of what others thought, Ron and Hermione would always stand up for Harry when called liars or attention-seekers, even if it meant jeopardizing their relationships with other friends. It is a real friendship, indeed.

Defending Hermione’s Muggle History

Ron and Hermione would go out of their way to defend their best friend whenever someone called Hermione a “Mudblood.” A muggle-born person is called a Mudblood, an extremely derogatory term in the magical world. Hermione is being discriminated against, and Harry and Ron will stop at nothing to stand up for her and keep her safe. To us, that is a strong friendship.

Naturally Lovely Bond

Sometimes, people pick their friends based on their social standing or class. Since Harry, Ron, and Hermione come from disparate backgrounds, they have no business being friends. Ron has a lovely family, although they are highly impoverished, Hermione has muggle parents, and Harry comes from a broken household.

Their socioeconomic standings are all very diverse, and they all have various blood types. However, their friendship is unmotivated, which explains why their relationship is so sincere. Instead of forming a group because of shared statuses, it is obvious why they are so close: they genuinely care about and feel linked to one another.

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